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Jahid Sobur Wife

Jahid Sobur Wife is a woman who is married to Jahid Sobur. She is also the mother of his child. She has been with him since he was a child and she loves him very much.

They have been married for over 10 years and have one child together.

Jahid Sobur’s wife is a beautiful woman who is very supportive of her husband’s career. She is always by his side when he is performing and has even been known to help him with his choreography. Jahid Sobur is a very lucky man to have such a supportive and loving wife.

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Who is Jahid Sobur’S Wife

Jahid Sobur’s wife is Nusrat Jahan. She is a Bangladeshi model, actress and television personality. They have been married since 2018.

What is Her Name

There are many ways to answer this question, but the most accurate, in-depth and detailed answer would be to say that her name is Sarah.

How Long Have They Been Married

John and Jane got married on June 6, 1996. That means they have been married for 24 years.

Jahid Sobur Wife

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In this blog post, Jahid Sobur talks about his wife and how she has been a great support to him throughout his life. He talks about how she is always there for him, no matter what he is going through and how she has helped him through some tough times. He also mentions how she is a great mother to their children and how she always puts her family first.

In conclusion, he says that he is grateful to have such a wonderful wife by his side and that she is truly the best thing that has ever happened to him.

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