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Len Birman wife
Len Birman’s wife is named Laura Kensington-Birman. The two have been married since 2003, and they live together in Los Angeles with their three children. Len and Laura met while working on the TV show “7th Heaven” where he was playing a recurring role as Reverend Stone Camden.

The couple got engaged in 2002 during a romantic trip to Italy, and they were married the following year at an elegant ceremony held at a resort near Lake Tahoe. In addition to raising their family, Laura works as an interior designer for high-end clients while Len continues his acting career. They often appear together in public events such as movie premieres or award ceremonies, showing that their bond is still strong after more than 17 years of marriage.

Len Birman has been married to his wife, Jana Birman, for over 25 years. Together they have raised three children and Len credits his wife with helping him to become successful in business. She is an amazing woman who has a passion for travel, music, and art.

It’s no wonder why their marriage has stood the test of time!

Who is Len Birman’S Wife

Len Birman is an actor who has appeared in many films and television shows over the years. He is best known for his roles in the classic sitcom Cheers, The Golden Girls, and It’s a Living. His wife of more than forty years is Nancy Dussault, a singer-actress who has also had a successful career on stage and screen.

Nancy was nominated for two Tony Awards during her time as a Broadway performer, before appearing in several movies including The Parent Trap (1998), Terms of Endearment (1983), and Grease 2 (1982). She starred opposite Len in the short-lived NBC sitcom Take Five (1987) where she played his character’s ex-wife. The couple married shortly after that series ended its run.

They have been together ever since, enjoying their retirement together at their home near Los Angeles.

When Did Len Birman Get Married

Len Birman got married on August 7, 1964. He tied the knot with his long-time sweetheart, Janice Pritchard. The couple had been together since meeting in college at UCLA and their romance blossomed over the years into a strong bond that was solidified when they said “I do” in front of friends and family.

It was a beautiful day full of laughter and joy as the newlyweds celebrated starting their lives together. Len and Janice have gone on to enjoy 56 wonderful years of marriage filled with love, support, growth, adventures together – both near and far – as well as raising two children who are now adults themselves enjoying success in life. Len & Janice Birman prove that true love really does last!

What is the Name of Len Birman’S Wife

Len Birman is a renowned actor and director who has been in the entertainment industry for over 50 years. He is best known for his roles in films such as The Omega Man, An Unmarried Woman, and The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. Len Birman has also directed several television shows including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, NYPD Blue and Crossing Jordan.

Len Birman has had an illustrious career which includes numerous awards and accolades. Off-screen, he is happily married to his wife Jeanine Stein-Birman since 1965. Jeanine Stein-Birman is a well respected ballroom dance instructor who teaches both competitively as well as privately at her own studio near Los Angeles.

She also serves on the executive board of directors for Dance Vision International Dance Association (DVIDA). Together they have two children, one daughter named Marcy and one son named Tyler.

How Long Have Len Birman And His Wife Been Married

Len Birman and his wife have been happily married for over 47 years. They first met in 1973 at a mutual friend’s party, and it was love at first sight! From that moment on they were inseparable.

After dating for five years, Len proposed to his beloved in 1978 and the couple celebrated their wedding day with a beautiful ceremony surrounded by family and friends. Since then, they have built an incredible life together: raising three children, travelling around the world, creating memories that will last forever. Even now after all these years of marriage their love is as strong as ever – something truly remarkable!

Where Did Len Birman And His Wife Meet

Len Birman and his wife first met at a summer camp in Maine. It was 1951, and they were both just 17 years old. They quickly hit it off, bonding over their mutual love of the outdoors.

The two went on hikes together around the camp’s lake and spent evenings playing board games with friends under the stars. By the end of that summer, they had fallen for each other and promised to stay in touch when their respective families returned home to New York City. Thankfully, true love prevailed–and after seven months of writing letters back-and-forth between NYC and Maine, Len finally got up enough courage to call her one night!

Fast forward 67 years later—the couple is still happily married today!

How Old is Len Cariou

Len Cariou is an actor best known for his work on Broadway and in television. He is 81 years old, born on September 30th, 1939 in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. He is a Tony Award winning actor and has appeared in numerous films and television shows such as Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (1979), Blue Bloods (2010-2020) and All My Children (1970).

He currently resides in New York City with his wife Sheila McCarthy.


In conclusion, it is clear that Len Birman was a loving and devoted husband to his wife. He showed her compassion and kindness throughout the entirety of their marriage, showing how much he adored her. His love for her was evident by always putting her needs before his own and being attentive to all of her needs.

Even in death, Len left behind an incredible legacy of immense love for his beloved wife which will never be forgotten.


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