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Yannick Bisson wife
Yannick Bisson’s wife is named Chantal Craig. The couple have been married since 1990 and share three children, Brianna, Mikaela, and Dominique. Chantal has acted in a few small roles on her husband’s show “Murdoch Mysteries”, including appearing as herself in the episode titled “Twentysomething”.

Aside from acting, she also works as an animal rights activist. She currently serves as the president of Actors for Animals United, which advocates for better welfare standards for animals used in film and television production.

Yannick Bisson is married to his wife, Chantal Craig. The couple have been together for over two decades and share three children together. They met on the set of a movie in 1993 and within just months they were engaged and had tied the knot by 1994.

Yannick has stated that he credits his successful marriage to their strong friendship which was built before they ever became romantically involved. He also attributes their longevity to being able to spend quality time with each other as much as possible – even if it’s only 15 minutes between takes on set!

Did Yannick Bisson’S Wife Appear on Murdoch Mysteries?

No, Yannick Bisson’s wife has not appeared on the show Murdoch Mysteries. The couple have been married since 1990 and they both share a deep passion for the arts. In fact, his wife Chantal Craig is an actress herself who has had an extensive career in film and television.

She is best known for her work in films like “Happy Gilmore” (1996) and “The Sweet Hereafter” (1997). Despite their long-time relationship, neither of them have appeared as guest stars or recurring characters on Murdoch Mysteries. Instead, Bisson portrays Detective William Murdoch with grace and skill which fans of the show appreciate immensely.

Does Yannick Bisson Have Children?

Yannick Bisson is a Canadian actor and director who has been in the entertainment industry since he was 13. He’s best known for his roles in Murdoch Mysteries, Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye, and The Listener. But many people may not know about Yannick’s personal life – specifically if he has any children of his own.

The answer to this question is yes – Yannick Bisson does have children! He and his wife Chantal Craig are proud parents to three daughters; Brianna (born 1997), Miya (born 2001) and Dominique (born 2006). All three of them have followed their father into the world of entertainment, appearing alongside him on both stage productions as well as television shows such as House at the End of the Street, Saving Hope, Supernatural, By Chance or Design and more recently Amazon Prime’s Uploaded.

Yannick often speaks publicly about how proud he is to share what it means to be part of a family with his girls which are now all grown up but continue to remain close. It seems that some things really do last forever!

Why Did Julia Ogden Leave Murdoch Mysteries?

Julia Ogden’s departure from Murdoch Mysteries at the end of Season 11 was a shock to fans, as her role had been integral to the show since its inception. While there are no definitive answers as to why she left, there are some hints that might shed light on the matter. Firstly, actress Hélène Joy announced in late 2019 that she would be leaving the show due to other commitments; this could have been a factor in Julia’s exit storyline.

Additionally, it appears that William and Julia were heading for an amicable division after their failed attempts at starting a family – with Julia deciding it was time for them both to move on and explore new opportunities away from each other. Whatever reasons may have contributed towards her decision, one thing is certain: Julia Ogden will always remain a beloved character within the Murdoch Mysteries universe and we wish her all the best for whatever comes next!

Who are Yannick Bisson’S Daughters?

Yannick Bisson is a Canadian actor best known for his role on the hit show “Murdoch Mysteries”. He is also the proud father of three beautiful daughters, Brianna Bisson, Dominique Bisson and Mikaela Bisson. Brianna (born in 2000) is an actress who has appeared in movies such as “Good Boys” and “The Addams Family”; while Dominique (born in 2004) and Mikaela (born in 2006) are both aspiring actresses.

Yannick’s eldest daughter, Brianna, recently graduated from The University of Toronto with a degree in Psychology—following her dad’s footsteps into the acting world. His youngest daughter, Mikaela, began her acting career at just seven-years-old when she starred alongside her father on Murdoch Mysteries as Rebecca James. All three girls have followed their dreams to pursue careers in entertainment since they were young!

Yannick took his daughters under his wing early on and taught them everything he knew about the industry—from audition techniques to working with directors—in hopes that they would one day find success like him.

Yannick Bisson Daughters

Yannick Bisson, star of the Canadian hit series Murdoch Mysteries, is a proud father of three daughters named Brianna, Dominique and Mikaela. He and his wife Chantal Craig have been married since 1990 and are devoted to raising their children in Toronto with kindness and respect. Yannick loves spending time with his daughters at home or on set while filming Murdoch Mysteries – it’s a great opportunity for him to combine work with family life!


In conclusion, it is clear that Yannick Bisson’s wife has been an influential and important part of his life. She has provided him with the support he needs to continue being a successful actor and producer. Their relationship is one filled with mutual respect and admiration, making them a wonderful example of true love in Hollywood.


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