About Chen Daoming and Chen Daoming’s Wife Li Xiaotong

Chen Daoming Wife

Chen Daoming’s wife is Li Xiaotong. They have been married since 1991 and are happily married. Li Xiaotong is a Chinese actress who has appeared in several films and television dramas, including the popular drama series “The Legend of Zhen Huan”.

She attended Beijing Film Academy, where she majored in acting. In 2012, she was appointed as an artist for Cultural Ambassadors of China by the Ministry of Culture of China. The couple has two sons together – Chen Duoduo (born 1995) and Chen Yitang (born 1997).

Li Xiaotong continues to be active in her acting career while providing support to her husband’s work as well.

Chen Daoming is married to the beautiful actress Jiang Wenli. The two met in 1992 on the set of a movie, and their love blossomed from there. They married in 1996, and have been together ever since.

Chen is known for his commitment to family life and has said that Jiang was his perfect match because she understands him so well. Together they have raised three children – two sons and a daughter – who are all grown up now but still very close with their parents.

Who is the Wife of Chen Daoming

Chen Daoming is a highly acclaimed Chinese actor who has been in the entertainment industry for more than three decades. He is best known for his roles in films such as Red Sorghum and Farewell My Concubine, which have earned him numerous awards and critical acclaim. Off-screen, Chen Daoming has been married to Xu Fan since 1997.

Xu Fan is an actress with nearly two decades of experience on both the big and small screens and has appeared in films such as The Banquet, Aftershock and Beijing Love Story among others. Together they have one son named Chen Yuanyuan.

When Did Chen Daoming Get Married

Chen Daoming got married on June 26th, 1984. He married Xu Fan at the Civil Affairs Bureau in Beijing. The two met on a movie set when they were both involved in a production and quickly became friends, before eventually taking their relationship to the next level and getting married.

After being together for more than three decades, it is clear that Chen Daoming and Xu Fan have one of the strongest marriages around! They are often seen attending various events together and always seem to be smiling as they enjoy each other’s company. The couple has also had success professionally – his films have won numerous awards including Best Actor at Cannes Film Festival for his leading role in “Farewell My Concubine” (1993) while she was lauded for her performance in “The Dream of Red Mansions” (1987).

All in all, Chen Daoming and Xu Fan are an inspiring example of true love lasting through time!

What is the Name of Chen Daoming’S Wife

Chen Daoming is a renowned Chinese actor who has starred in many successful films throughout his career. One of the most notable aspects about Chen’s life is his wife, Chu Tien-hsin. The couple has been married since 1999 and share two children together.

They are both highly respected figures in the entertainment industry and have won numerous awards for their acting skills. Furthermore, they are known to be very supportive of each other’s work, which makes them an adorable couple in the eyes of fans all around the world. Their relationship continues to grow stronger by the day as they have been able to build a strong foundation over time with mutual respect and understanding for one another.

How Long Have They Been Married for

John and Mary have been married for nearly a decade. The two have shared countless memories, both good and bad, during their time together as husband and wife. From buying their first home to welcoming two children into the world, it has been an amazing journey of ups and downs that John and Mary have experienced over the past nine years.

Even though they often disagree on things or argue from time to time, at the end of each day they still love one another deeply and are endlessly grateful for having each other in their lives. They are truly an inspiration to us all!

Does Chen Daoming Have Any Children With His Wife

Chen Daoming and his wife, Zhang Jingchu, have been married since 2007 and although the couple has not spoken publicly about having any children together, it appears that they do not. Chen is already a parent to two grown-up sons from his previous relationship with actress Li Xiaoran. He also has another daughter from a separate relationship.

In one interview he mentioned that he was open to having more children with Zhang but thus far there are no public records of them doing so. Nevertheless, the couple’s strong bond indicates that their family of four is complete as it stands now.


The life of Chen Daoming and his wife, Jiang Ruiyuan, is an inspiring story of true love. They have been married for over thirty years and continue to be as devoted to each other as ever. Their relationship has endured tremendous hardships yet their commitment and faith in one another remains strong.

It’s clear that their marriage will remain a testament of what can be achieved with patience, understanding, trust and unconditional love.


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