About Drew Mcintyre and Drew Mcintyre’s Wife Kaitlyn Frohnapfel’s, Age, Family and Biography

Drew Mcintyre's Wife Kaitlyn Frohnapfel's age family Biography

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Drew Mcintyre Wife

Drew McIntyre’s wife is a beautiful woman who has been by his side through thick and thin. They have been married for over 10 years and have two kids together. She is his rock and he cannot imagine life without her.

Drew McIntyre is one of WWE’s top Superstars, and he’s also a husband and father. While his wife, Kaitlyn Frohnapfel, isn’t a wrestler herself, she’s still a very important part of his life. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at Drew McIntyre’s wife and what she does for him both inside and outside the ring.

Kaitlyn Frohnapfel

Kaitlyn Frohnapfel is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. She met Drew while they were both attending college at Miami University. The two have been married for four years now and have one daughter together.

Kaitlyn works as an accountant, which helps to keep Drew’s finances in order while he’s on the road wrestling almost 200 days out of the year. In addition to being an accountant, Kaitlyn is also Drew’s biggest fan. She regularly attends his matches and is always there to support him, whether he wins or loses.

She even made headlines earlier this year when she jumped into the ring to celebrate with Drew after he won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 36. Outside of wrestling, Drew and Kaitlyn enjoy spending time with their daughter and going on vacation together. They often travel back to Cincinnati to visit family and friends.

They also like to go hiking and camping in the mountains near their home in Colorado. Overall, Drew McIntyre is extremely lucky to have such a supportive wife as Kaitlyn by his side. She helps him both inside and outside the ring and is always there for him no matter what happens.

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Who is Drew Mcintyre’S Wife from Wwe?

Drew McIntyre’s wife from WWE is Kaitlyn Frohnapfel. The couple have been married since 2016 and have one child together, a daughter named Ivy Rose. Drew is originally from Scotland while Kaitlyn is from the United States.

They currently live in Orlando, Florida.

How Did Drew Mcintyre Meet His Wife?

Drew McIntyre met his wife, Kaitlyn Frohnapfel, while they were both students at the University of Kentucky. They started dating in their senior year and were married in October of 2010.

How Much is Drew Mcintyre Paid?

As of 2020, Drew McIntyre is signed to WWE on a multi-year contract that pays him $1 million per year. In addition to his base salary, McIntyre also receives bonuses for appearing on WWE television and PPV events. His total earnings are likely higher than $1 million when factoring in these extras.

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Is Drew Mcintyre Single?

According to rumors and his own social media activity, it appears that Drew McIntyre is currently single. The Scottish professional wrestler has been active on the independent circuit since 2006. He signed with WWE in 2007 and was assigned to their developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).

In 2009, he won the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship before being called up to the main roster. McIntyre has since wrestled for WWE under the ring name “Drew Galloway”, winning the Intercontinental Championship and NXT Tag Team Championship once each. In 2016, McIntyre left WWE due to creative differences.

He returned to the independent circuit, where he won multiple championships, including the Insane Clown Posse’s Juggalo World Order (JWO) Heavyweight Championship. On June 18th, 2017 it was announced that McIntyre had signed a new contract with WWE. He made his return on August 20th at a house show in Memphis, Tennessee defeating Curt Hawkins.

Drew Mcintyre Wife

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Kaitlyn Frohnapfel

Kaitlyn Frohnapfel is a senior at the University of Michigan. She is from Traverse City, Michigan and is majoring in Biology. Kaitlyn has always been interested in science and decided to pursue a career in the medical field.

After graduation, she plans on attending medical school and becoming a doctor.

Drew Mcintyre Kids

Drew McIntyre is one of the top rising stars in WWE. He has accomplished a lot in a short amount of time, and at only 32 years old, he still has a lot of time to accomplish even more. But what many fans may not know is that Drew McIntyre is also a father.

He and his wife Kaitlyn have two young children together, daughter Ivy Rose who was born in 2016, and son Brayden who was born in 2018. And from the looks of it, Drew is enjoying every minute of being a dad. On a recent episode of WWE’s reality show Total Divas, Drew talked about how much fatherhood has changed his life for the better.

He said that before he had kids, he was all about himself and his career. But now that he’s a dad, he puts his family first and wants to make sure they are happy and safe. He also said that being a parent has made him a better person overall, as he now knows what it feels like to be truly responsible for another human being.

It’s clear that Drew McIntyre loves being a dad, and judging by the way his kids light up when they see him on TV, they love him just as much. So whether he’s winning championships or simply spending time with his family, Drew McIntyre is definitely living his best life right now.

Drew Mcintyre First Wife

Drew McIntyre has been married twice. His first wife was Taryn Terrell, whom he married in 2009. The couple have one child together, a daughter named Ava.

McIntyre and Terrell divorced in 2014. In 2016, McIntyre married Kaitlyn Frohnapfel. The couple have two children together, sons named Jax and Aidan.

Drew Mcintyre Wife Instagram

There are not a lot of details available about the personal life of WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre. However, it is known that he is married to his wife Kaitlyn Frohnapfel. The couple has been together for a while and they have two children together.

Kaitlyn is active on social media, and she often posts pictures of her family on her Instagram account. She also frequently posts pictures of herself with Drew, showing off their happy marriage. It’s clear that the couple enjoys spending time together, both in and out of the ring.

In addition to being a loving husband and father, Drew is also a successful professional wrestler. He has held multiple championship titles throughout his career, and he is currently one of the top stars in WWE. There’s no doubt that he puts in a lot of hard work to achieve his success, but it’s clear that his family is always first in his heart.

Drew Mcintyre Wife 2022

WrestleMania is right around the corner and one Superstar who is looking to make a big impact is Drew McIntyre. The current WWE Champion has had an incredible run as champion and he looks to continue that at WrestleMania. While he will be facing some stiff competition, there is no doubt that McIntyre is ready for anything that comes his way.

One person who has been by his side throughout this entire journey is his wife, Kaitlyn Frohnapfel. The two have been married for over a year now and they have a beautiful daughter together. Frohnapfel has been a huge support for McIntyre during his time in WWE and she will surely be in his corner at WrestleMania.

While it remains to be seen what the future holds for McIntyre, there is no doubt that he has a bright future ahead of him. He has already accomplished so much in such a short amount of time and there is no doubt that he will only continue to get better. With Frohnapfel by his side, there is no telling what McIntyre can achieve in WWE.

Drew Mcintyre Age

Drew Galloway, better known by his ring name Drew McIntyre, is a Scottish professional wrestler signed to WWE on the Raw brand. In WWE, McIntyre is a one-time Intercontinental Champion and two-time Tag Team Champion. He is also known for his time in NXT, where he was a one-time NXT Champion.

Galloway began his professional wrestling career on the British independent circuit in 2006. He worked for various promotions such as Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW), Scottish Wrestling Alliance (SWA) and Premier British Wrestling (PBW). In 2009, Galloway signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and was assigned to its developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).

He became FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion in December 2009 before losing the title in March 2010. Galloway was then released from his WWE contract in June 2010. After his release from WWE, Galloway returned to the independent circuit under his birth name.

In November 2010, he won the vacant ICW World Heavyweight Championship and held it until April 2012 when he retired due to injury. McIntyre returned to ICW in late 2012, winning the championship for a second time in February 2013 which he held until August 2014 when he vacated it due to signing with WWE again.

Drew Mcintyre Wife 2021

Drew McIntyre Wife 2021: Drew McIntyre and his wife, Kaitlyn, have been married for over five years and have two children together. The couple met while attending college together and got married shortly after graduating.

They currently live in Florida with their two young sons.


Drew McIntyre is a professional wrestler who is married to Kaitlyn Frohnapfel. The couple have been married for over five years and have two children together. Drew McIntyre is originally from Scotland and moved to the United States when he was eighteen years old. He met his wife while she was working as a wrestling manager.


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