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Hart Bochner wife
Hart Bochner is married to Apryl Prose, a former actress. They tied the knot in 2003 and have two children together, daughter Finley and son Atticus. The couple first met at an event in 2002 and their relationship developed quickly.

Since getting married, Hart has become very supportive of Apryl’s career as a film producer and scriptwriter. He often makes appearances with her on awards nights for her films or attends events where she is being honored for her work. They are both passionate about charity work, especially causes related to animal rights and education reform.

Hart recently said that having his wife by his side all these years has made his life richer than he ever imagined it could be.

Hart Bochner is happily married to his beloved wife, Amy Marie. The couple first met in 2003 and tied the knot one year later. They have two children together and reside in Los Angeles, California where they enjoy each other’s company and their happy family life.

Hart considers himself lucky to have found such a supportive and loving partner who is always there for him no matter what the situation may be!

Where is Hart Bochner Now?

Hart Bochner is an American actor, director, and writer known for his roles in films such as Die Hard, Breakin’ All the Rules and Apocalypse Now. He has been active in the entertainment industry since 1976 when he made his feature film debut in Rich Kids. Today, Bochner continues to act on film and television but has also expanded into writing and directing movies.

Currently living in Los Angeles with his wife Sarah and two children, Hart Bochner can be seen starring opposite Rob Lowe on Fox’s 9-1-1: Lone Star as well as a recurring role on AppleTV+’s Dickinson series. In addition to acting he directs music videos for stars like Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony while continuing to write screenplays for upcoming projects both big budget studio films as well as independent productions. With a career spanning over four decades it doesn’t seem likely that fans of Hart will stop seeing him anytime soon!

How Tall is Hart Bochner?

Hart Bochner is an actor, director and writer from Canada who has been in the entertainment industry since the late 1970s. He stands at a tall height of 6′ 2″ (1.88 meters). Hart Bochner has appeared in a variety of films including Breakin’, Die Hard, Rich and Famous, Apartment Zero and High School U.S.A.. His television acting credits include The Hitchhiker, Dallas, Eureka Street, 24 and Heroes Reborn. As a movie director he helmed such films as Trojan War starring Jennifer Love Hewitt as well as Hostile Intentions with Christopher Walken. He also wrote for the films PCU alongside Adam LeFevre and White Rush starring Lorenzo Lamas to name just two examples of his screenwriting skillset. Regardless how you know him or why you’re interested in him one thing remains clear; Hart Bochner is 6’2″.

Where Did Hart Bochner Go to College?

Hart Bochner attended the University of Toronto for his undergraduate studies, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English and Drama. He continued at the same university to get an MFA in film directing. During his time there, he directed several short films that were screened at various festivals around North America.

After completing his studies, Hart went on to pursue a career as an actor and director in Hollywood. His works include films like Die Hard (1988) and Apartment Zero (1988). Bochner has also appeared on television shows such as Curb Your Enthusiasm (2001-2004) and King of Queens (1998-2007), among others.

Today, Hart is still active both in front of and behind the camera – showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

Is Hart Bochner Related to Lloyd Bochner?

The answer to the question of whether Hart Bochner is related to Lloyd Bochner is yes. The two are father and son, with Lloyd being the elder of the two. Both men have had successful careers in Hollywood, but they’ve gone down different paths.

Lloyd was an actor best known for his roles on television series such as Dynasty and Dallas as well as numerous feature films including Escape From New York and Die Hard. His son Hart has followed in his footsteps by becoming a filmmaker, writer, director, producer and actor who has worked on projects such as Breakin’, Highpoint and No Such Thing As Monsters (which he wrote). It’s clear that talent runs in the family when it comes to these two men!

Hart Bochner Today

Today, actor and director Hart Bochner is best known for his roles in films such as Die Hard, Breaking Away, and Apartment Zero. He has also directed several television movies and episodes of popular shows like The Outer Limits and Home Improvement. Bochner continues to work in both film and television today, appearing in projects such as the hit comedy series Schitt’s Creek.

Hart Bochner Net Worth

Hart Bochner is an American actor and filmmaker who has a net worth of $2 million. He is best known for his roles in films such as Die Hard, Breakin’ All the Rules and Apartment Zero, among others. Bochner also directed the feature film High School Extravaganza which was released to theaters in 1988.

In addition to acting and directing, he has written two screenplays; Splitting Hairs (1998) and Summer Story (2005).

Lloyd Bochner

Lloyd Bochner was a Canadian actor, who is best known for his roles in the television series “Dynasty” and “Hawaii Five-O.” He made his film debut in 1951 with the movie “The Blue Veil,” and also appeared in films such as Alfred Hitchcock’s horror classic “The Birds,” as well as classics like Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.” Bochner was highly respected by his peers, having won two Emmy Award nominations during his career.

He passed away on October 29th, 2005 at age 81.

Hart Bochner – Imdb

Hart Bochner is a Canadian actor and director best known for his role as Harry Ellis in the classic comedy film, Die Hard. Since then, he has starred in a variety of films including Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo (1984), Supergirl (1984), Splitting Heirs (1993) and Apartment Hunting (2000). Amongst his directing credits are High School U.S.A. (1983) and Terror Train (1980).

In addition to acting, Hart has also directed several television episodes on shows such as The Outer Limits, Odyssey 5, Andromeda and Cold Squad. His work has been recognized with various awards nominations over the years such as an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Writing in Children’s Programming for his work on The Outer Limits episode “Valerie 23” in 2000. Hart Bochner can be found listed on IMDb with over thirty-five credits attributed to him since 1977.


In conclusion, Hart Bochner and his wife have been happily married for almost two decades. They are both successful in their own right and share a deep love for each other. Despite the challenges of balancing busy careers and family life, they make it work with a strong commitment to communication and respect.

As an example of true partnership, Hart Bochner’s relationship with his wife is inspiring and admirable.


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