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Jaycee Chan wife
Jaycee Chan does not currently have a wife. He is the only son of legendary actor and martial artist Jackie Chan, and he has been active in both film and music since 1998. In 2014, Jaycee was arrested in Beijing for possession of marijuana.

After spending six months in prison, he returned to Taiwan where he continues to pursue his musical career as well as promoting environmentalism and animal rights through various organizations. He also serves on the advisory board for China’s Environmental Protection Foundation alongside his father Jackie Chan.

Jaycee Chan, the son of legendary actor Jackie Chan, recently got married to his long-term girlfriend Vicky Zhang. The couple have been together for over 10 years and tied the knot in a private ceremony attended by close family and friends. While not much is known about their relationship or wedding day, it’s clear that they are deeply in love with each other and excited to embark on this new journey together.

We wish them all the best!

Is Jackie Chan Still Married to His Wife?

Yes, Jackie Chan is still married to his wife of over 30 years, Lin Feng-jiao. They first met in the early 1980s when they were both studying acting and martial arts at the China Drama Academy in Beijing. After a five-year courtship, they tied the knot on August 1st 1982.

The couple has been together ever since! Together they have one son named Jaycee Chan who was born on December 3rd 1982. Jackie and Lin are incredibly supportive of each other’s careers – even though their respective paths have taken them apart many times over the years due to filming commitments or business trips.

Despite their long separations, it appears that their love for each other remains strong as ever!

Are Joan Lin And Jackie Chan Still Together?

No, Joan Lin and Jackie Chan are no longer together. They had previously been married for 33 years until their divorce in 2018. The couple had two children together during the course of their marriage.

Although they have now separated, both parties have said that they remain on friendly terms with one another despite the separation. While it is not clear what exactly caused the split between them, sources close to the pair have said that distance was a major contributing factor as Jackie Chan has been busy with his movie career while Joan Lin has focused more on her business ventures and raising their two children. Despite this, it seems like both sides still care deeply for one another and wish each other all the best in life going forward.

Did Jackie Chan Ever Have Kids?

Yes, Jackie Chan has two kids. He adopted his son Jaycee Chan in 1999 and welcomed a daughter, Etta Ng Chok Lam, with former Miss Asia Elaine Ng Yi-Lei in 1999 as well. Jaycee is an actor and singer who followed in the footsteps of his famous father to become an action star himself.

His first film was Little Big Soldier (2010). Meanwhile, Etta is a model and LGBT activist who made her modeling debut at age 13 on the cover of Milkyway magazine by way of her father’s connections within the entertainment industry. However she did not publicly acknowledge him as her dad until 2017 when she appeared together with him at an event for his charity foundation The Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation.

Despite this rocky start to their relationship both are now close and have developed a strong bond over time.

Did Jackie Chan Have a Son?

Yes, Jackie Chan has a son named Jaycee Chan. He was born on December 3, 1982 in Los Angeles to his first wife Joan Lin. Jaycee is an actor, singer and film director like his father and is also known for being part of the popular duo Zai Jian alongside Wang Leehom.

In recent years he has been involved in various charity projects with his father’s foundation ‘Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation’. Together they have raised money for poverty-stricken children as well as disaster relief funds.

Jaycee Chan Net Worth

Jaycee Chan, son of international superstar Jackie Chan, has an estimated net worth of $50 million. He is a successful actor and singer in his own right and has appeared in numerous films and television shows throughout Asia. His net worth was increased by his father’s success, which allowed him to invest heavily into the entertainment industry.


This blog post has provided a glimpse into the life of Jaycee Chan and his wife, Yidi Huang. Although their marriage is relatively new, they appear to be supportive of each other’s dreams and ambitions. Together they will undoubtedly continue to experience moments filled with love and joy as they navigate this next chapter in their lives together.

It is safe to say that both Jaycee Chan and Yidi Huang have an exciting future ahead of them!


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