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Jet Li wife
Jet Li is married to Nina Li Chi, a former actress from Hong Kong. The couple first met in 1988, when Jet was shooting for the movie “Dragon Fight” and Nina was working as an extra in the same film. They got married shortly after their meeting and have been together since then.

They have two daughters named Jane (born 1991) and Jada (born 1996). Jet also has a son, Si Long (born 1999), with his ex-girlfriend Huang Qiuyan. Despite facing many obstacles throughout their relationship, including long periods of separation due to work commitments or health issues, Jet Li and Nina remain happily married today.

Jet Li is married to Nina Li Chi, an actress. She has been his loving and supportive wife since they tied the knot in 1999. The couple have two daughters together; Jane and Jada.

They both share a great bond of love and understanding with each other, which makes their marriage stronger every day!

Who is Jet Li Wife Now?

Jet Li is currently married to Nina Li Chi, his third wife. The couple wed in 1999 and have two daughters together. They are named Jane (born 2000) and Jada (born 2002).

Jet Li has been very open about how much he loves his family, saying in an interview that he considers them the greatest blessing of all. He also said that although it was difficult for him to balance his career with family life, it was worth it because he got to spend time with the people who matter most to him. Jet Li’s first marriage ended in divorce after 25 years, while his second marriage lasted just five months before divorcing due to irreconcilable differences.

His current relationship with Nina appears to be going strong and they both enjoy traveling together when they can find the time.

Does Jet Li Have Two Wives?

Jet Li is a Chinese martial artist, actor and film producer who has achieved success in both the Chinese and English language markets. He is one of the most well-known martial arts stars in the world, with numerous films to his name. One of the more interesting facts about Jet Li is that he does indeed have two wives.

The first wife was Qiuyan Huang whom he married in 1987; they had two daughters together before divorcing in 1990. His second marriage was to Nina Li Chi on 19 May 1999; they have two children together and are still happily married today. Although unconventional by modern standards, Jet Li’s multiple marriages are not uncommon for someone from his cultural background where it is acceptable for men to take multiple wives if necessary or desired.

It illustrates how despite being an international celebrity, Jet Li remains true to his roots when it comes to matters like this which show us just how humble he really is!

Is Jet Li Currently Married?

No, Jet Li is not currently married. The martial arts superstar and actor was previously married to Huang Qiuyan from 1987 until 1990 when the couple divorced. After his divorce, Li dated Nina Li Chi for many years before tying the knot in 1999.

Unfortunately, this marriage also ended in divorce after five years together and now it appears that Jet Li is single once again. Over the course of his career, he has appeared in numerous films such as Lethal Weapon 4, Romeo Must Die and The Forbidden Kingdom which have made him an international star who is beloved by fans all over the world. Despite being single at present time, there’s no doubt that Jet Li will continue to be a successful actor who can capture audiences with his talent both on screen and off!

Does Jet Lee Have Kids?

Yes, Jet Lee does have kids. The martial arts superstar has two daughters and a son with his wife, Joan Lin. His eldest daughter is actress/model Jane Lee (born 1982), followed by her sister Shannon Lee (born 1984) who is also an actress and professional martial artist like her father.

His youngest child is actor/singer Jason Scott Lee (born 1993). Jet Li himself had a very strict upbringing in the world of martial arts as he was trained by renowned coaches from the age of eight onwards. He rose to fame after starring in several movies such as Fist of Fury, Shaolin Temple, Once Upon A Time In China and Lethal Weapon 4 where he played opposite Mel Gibson.

While balancing his movie career with family life, Jet Li still manages to make time for personal projects that focus on promoting Chinese culture worldwide as well as helping other people through charity work for various organizations such as UNICEF and Red Cross Society of China.

Jet Li Children

Jet Li is a martial artist and actor who has five children. His eldest daughter Taimi Li was born in 1992, followed by Si Yabing (1993), Jane Ge (1998), Jada Yuan (2001) and his youngest son, Kane Li (2006). Jet Li spends much of his free time with his family, including taking them on vacations around the world.

He also enjoys teaching his children martial arts and instilling values such as discipline, respect and integrity into their lives.


In conclusion, Jet Li’s wife is an important part of his life. They have been together since 1999 and are still happily married. She has given him the love and support he needs to succeed in life and career.

Although there isn’t much information available about her, it is clear that she plays a major role in Jet Li’s personal and professional life.


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