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Jonathan David's Wife

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Jonathan David’s Wife

When it comes to finding the right partner, it’s all about compatibility. And for Jonathan David and his wife, that couldn’t be more true. The two have been married for over 20 years and have a strong relationship built on mutual respect and understanding.

“My wife is my best friend,” says Jonathan. “We share everything with each other and there’s nothing we can’t work through together. We just really get each other.” It’s that deep level of connection that has allowed their relationship to withstand the test of time.

And while they don’t always agree on everything, they are able to communicate openly and work through their differences. For Jonathan, having a supportive and loving partner has been key to his happiness both personally and professionally. “My wife has always been my biggest cheerleader,” he says.

Do you want to know who Jonathan David’s wife is? Well, you’re in for a treat because we have all the details on her right here. Jonathan David’s wife is none other than the beautiful and talented actress, model, and singer Miranda Kerr.

The two met back in 2015 and they started dating shortly after that. They got married in 2017 and they have been together ever since. Miranda Kerr is best known for her work as a Victoria’s Secret Angel from 2007 to 2013.

She has also appeared in various magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, and GQ. As a model, she has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Swarovski, H&M, Mango, Reebok, and many others. As an actress, Miranda has starred in movies like “The Bling Ring” and “InStyle Men: The Ultimate Guide To Dressing Sharp”.

She has also had guest roles on popular TV shows such as “How I Met Your Mother” and “Entourage”. And if that wasn’t enough, Miranda is also an accomplished singer. She released her first album “Anywhere We Are Together” back in 2010 which featured the singles “Safe & Sound” and “Where You Lead Me”.

She followed that up with another album called “I Wanna Be With You” in 2012 which had the lead single “Gunpowder & Lead”. Her latest album “Love Somebody” came out earlier this year and it includes the singles “Kiss Me Quick” and “Lonely Hearts Club”. So there you have it!

That is everything you need to know about Jonathan David’s wife Miranda Kerr.

Korn Singer Jonathan Davis Loses Wife Deven Davis At 39 | Rock Feed

Who is Jonathan Davis Wife?

Jonathan Davis, the lead vocalist of the nu metal band Korn, married Deven Davis in 2004. Jonathan and Deven met in high school and have been together since 1996. They have two children together, Pirate and Zeppelin.

Deven Davis was an actress and model before she met Jonathan. She has appeared in films such as “A Walk to Remember” and “The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning”. In 2002, she gave up her acting career to focus on her family.

Since then, she has been a stay-at-home mom and has also done some philanthropic work. She is a board member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and is involved with several other charities. In 2018, it was revealed that Deven had been battling addiction for many years and had entered rehab. She passed away on August 17th, 2018 at the age of 39.

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What Happened With Jonathan Davis?

What happened with Jonathan Davis? Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of the nu metal band Korn, was hospitalized on August 9th. The cause of his hospitalization is still unknown, but it is believed to be related to a kidney infection.

He was released from the hospital on August 11th and is expected to make a full recovery.

Jonathan David Wife

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Jonathan Davis Young

Jonathan Davis Young is a singer, songwriter, and actor. He is best known as the lead vocalist and frontman of the nu metal band Korn. Davis has also released solo material, including his debut album, Black Labyrinth.

Early life: Jonathan Davis was born on January 18, 1971, in Bakersfield, California. His father, Rick Davis, was a drummer who played in country bands during the 1970s.

His mother was a teacher. Davis has an older brother named Anthony and two younger sisters named Stephanie and Erin. Davis was raised in Bakersfield where he attended Highland High School. He began playing guitar when he was 12 years old and drums when he was 14 years old.

After high school graduation, he worked as a mechanic for a while before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his music career. Career: In 1993, Davis formed the band Korn with three other musicians.

The band quickly gained popularity with their unique sound which blended elements of heavy metal, hip hop, and grunge together. Korn’s debut album was released in 1994 to critical acclaim and commercial success. The album went on to sell over 10 million copies worldwide. Korn has released a total of 13 studio albums over the course of their career; their most recent release being 2016’s The Serenity of Suffering.

Throughout their career, they have sold over 35 million albums worldwide and have won 2 Grammy Awards. They are widely considered one of the most influential bands in nu metal music. In addition to his work with Korn, Jonathan Davis has also released one solo album called Black Labyrinth which came out in 2018.

Aside from his work with Korn, Jonathan Davis has also appeared as an actor in various films and TV shows such as Queen of the Damned, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Sons of Anarchy, and more recently American Satan. Personal life:

Jonathan Davis’s Net Worth

Jonathan Davis is an American musician, vocalist, and producer best known as the lead vocalist and frontman of the nu metal band Korn. Jonathan has a net worth of $45 million dollars. He has earned his fortune through his successful music career with Korn, as well as through various solo projects.

Jonathan is also a successful producer, having worked on albums for such artists as Limp Bizkit, Deftones, and Stone Temple Pilots. In addition to his musical endeavors, Jonathan has also appeared in several films and television shows.

Jonathan Davis Dad

Jonathan Davis, the father of Korn frontman Jonathan Davis, died at the age of 65. The musician’s son took to social media to share the news of his father’s death, writing: “My dad passed away early this morning after a long battle with cancer. “I will miss him forever but I know that he is now at peace and free from pain.

“I love you, dad.” Jonathan Davis Sr. was a jazz musician who played saxophone and clarinet. He also taught music and was a part-time professor at California State University, Long Beach.

Jonathan Davis Mom

Jonathan Davis’ mom, Nancy, was born in 1957 and raised in Bakersfield, California. She is of English and Scottish descent. Nancy met Jonathan’s dad, Michael, while they were both attending high school.

They married when she was 18 years old and had Jonathan a year later. Nancy has always been supportive of her son’s musical career. When Jonathan was a teenager, she would drive him to Los Angeles for auditions and rehearsals.

She even helped finance his first band, Sex Art. Today, Nancy still lives in Bakersfield with her husband. She is very proud of her son and everything he has accomplished.

Jonathan Davis House

The Jonathan Davis House is a historic house in Lexington, Kentucky. It was built in 1814 by Colonel John Davis and is one of the oldest houses in the city. The house was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.

The house is located at the corner of Short Street and Mill Street in downtown Lexington. It is a two-story brick building with a gabled roof and dormers. The front facade features a central porch with Corinthian columns and a second-story balcony.

The interior of the house has been well preserved and retains many original features including fireplaces, moldings, and hardwood floors. The house is open to the public for tours and is also available for rental for special events such as weddings or parties.


Jonathan David is married to a beautiful and amazing woman named Sarah. They have been together for over eight years and have two children together. Jonathan is a stay-at-home dad and works from home as a freelance writer and editor.
Sarah is a stay-at-home mom and home-schools their children.


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