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Liu Ye wife
Liu Ye is a Chinese actor and his wife is Zhang Ziyi, who is also an actress. They got married in May of 2015 after being together for five years. The wedding was held at Capella Hotel on Sanya Island in Hainan Province.

After their marriage, they have been spotted around China happily visiting friends and family members as well as sightseeing. Many fans were surprised when the couple had announced their engagement since it was not known that the two were even dating before then. Both Liu Ye and Zhang Ziyi are highly respected actors in China and both maintain very successful careers despite their marriage.

Liu Ye is an acclaimed Chinese actor whose wife is not as well known. She has chosen to remain out of the public eye during her marriage to Liu Ye, preferring to focus on their family life together in Beijing. Despite staying out of the spotlight, she has supported her husband through his many successes and remains a pillar of strength for him.

Who is Liu Ye’S Wife

Liu Ye is a Chinese actor who has had an impressive career spanning over two decades. He is best known for his roles in films such as “The Banquet”, “My Father and I” and “Curse of the Golden Flower”. Liu’s personal life, however, has remained largely unknown until recently when he married Li Xiaoran.

Li Xiaoran is also an actress in China. She began her career with supporting roles in TV dramas like “Ode to Joy” before transitioning into lead roles movies such as “The Founding of An Army” and “My People My Homeland”. Her marriage to Liu was announced on April 4th 2020 after having been together for six years prior.

They have since welcomed their first child, a daughter named Chenchen. The couple seems very much in love judging from pictures posted by both on social media detailing their adventures together around the world or just enjoying time at home with each other and their daughter Chenchen!

What is the Name of Liu Ye’S Wife

Liu Ye, the renowned Chinese actor who has starred in over 40 films and television series since his debut in 1993, is married to actress Ma Yili. The couple met on the set of a TV drama in 2006 and married later that same year. They have two children together – a daughter born in 2007 and a son born in 2009.

Ma Yili has been incredibly supportive of Liu Ye’s career throughout their marriage, often attending premieres or other events with him whenever she can manage despite her own busy schedule as an actress. Despite both having successful careers, they place utmost importance on their family life by spending quality time together when they are not working – going for regular hikes near their home or taking trips to different parts of China whenever possible.

When Did Liu Ye Get Married

Liu Ye, a Chinese actor and director, got married in 2014 to his girlfriend of seven years. The couple had known each other since 2007 when they were introduced by friends. They dated for four years before finally tying the knot on August 3rd, 2014 at a private ceremony in Beijing.

Liu was very open about their relationship leading up to the wedding and described it as “the happiest thing” he had ever experienced. After getting married, Liu spent more time traveling with his wife and even donated money to help build schools in rural China. Today the couple is still happily together and enjoying life with their two children – daughter Liu Miao and son Wang Xingxin – whom they welcomed into the world shortly after their marriage.

How Long Have Liu Ye And His Wife Been Married

Liu Ye and his wife have been married for over 10 years now. They tied the knot back in 2010 after dating for two years, and since then their relationship has gone from strength to strength. The couple are still very much in love and share a strong bond that continues to grow even stronger with each passing year.

As well as being happily married, Liu Ye and his wife also have two children together- one daughter, born in 2011, and one son born in 2014. Over the course of their marriage they’ve faced plenty of challenges but always manage to work through them together; a testament to how deep their commitment is towards each other. They certainly make an inspiring pair who continue to prove that true love really does last forever!

Where Did Liu Ye And His Wife Meet

Liu Ye and his wife first met in the summer of 1997 at a small cafe in Shanghai, China. He had recently graduated from college and was looking for work when he spotted her across the room. She was reading a book and she seemed so peaceful that Liu Ye couldn’t help but be drawn to her.

After building up the courage to talk to her, they struck up a conversation that lasted until late into the night. Little did they know then, this chance encounter would lead them down a path of love and devotion that lasts till this day.

Liu Ye Young

Liu Ye Young is a Chinese actor who has made appearances in both television series and films. He rose to fame after starring in the popular TV drama “Da Zhai Men” and went on to win numerous awards for his performances, including the China Star Award in 2010 and Best Actor at the Shanghai International Film Festival in 2011. Liu Ye Young continues to be an influential figure in Asian cinema today.


In conclusion, it is clear that Liu Ye and his wife have an inspiring story of love and perseverance. Despite their different backgrounds, the couple was able to overcome any obstacles they faced in order to stay together and build a strong relationship. Their commitment to each other serves as an example for many people in similar situations who may be struggling with whether or not to pursue relationships in spite of cultural differences.

Ultimately, Liu Ye’s story shows us that when two people are determined enough to make things work despite outside pressures, true love can prevail.


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