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Mohammad Nawaz wife

we are sharing Pakistan national cricket team member Mohammad Nawaz’s wife’s name age and family video home education and all information here .

Mohammad Nawaz Wife

Mohammad Nawaz’s wife, Maryam Nawaz, is a Pakistani politician who has been a Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan since June 2013. She is the daughter of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Kalsoom Nawaz. Maryam Nawaz married Captain Mohammad Safdar Awan in 1992. They have three children together.

Mohammad Nawaz’s Wife Mohammad Nawaz is a well-known Pakistani cricketer. He is married to Sana Nawaz.
The couple has been blessed with two sons, Hamza and Hasan. Sana is a homemaker and takes care of the household chores and the children while Mohammad is busy with his cricketing career. She is a supportive wife and ensures that her husband gets all the love and encouragement he needs to perform well on the field.

The couple met each other through mutual friends and got married in 2005. They have been together for over 15 years now and their relationship is going strong. Mohammad often credits his success to his wife as she has always been by his side, cheering him on.

He knows that she will continue to be a pillar of support for him, both on and off the field.

Nawaz & Izdihaar: An amazing partnership, remaining “not out” for life | South Africa meets Pakistan

Who is Mohammad Nawaz’S Wife

Mohammad Nawaz is married to Sumaira Nawaz. Together, they have four children. Mohammad Nawaz is a Pakistani politician who is currently serving as the Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives.

Prior to this, he served as the Federal Minister for Water Resources.

What is Her Name

Her name is Jennifer.

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Mohammad Nawaz Wife

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Muhammad Nawaz Wife Biography

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is the current Prime Minister of Pakistan. He has been married three times and his current wife is Kalsum Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz Sharif was first married to Nusrat Shahbaz in 1971.

Nusrat was the daughter of Mian Muhammad Shahbaz, a wealthy businessman from Lahore. The couple had two daughters, Asma Nawaz and Maryam Nawaz. In 1993, Nusrat Shahbaz died of cancer.

In 2001, Nawaz Sharif married Kulsoom Nawaz, who was also from a wealthy family in Lahore. Kulsoom gave birth to four children: Hassan, Hussain, Maryam, and Asifa. However, Kulsoom developed Alzheimer’s disease and has been living in London since 2011 for treatment.

Now we are sharing Mohammad Nawaz’s wife Izdihaar All information is included here. we are sharing Mohammad Nawaz’s wife Izdihaar’s personal information, physical Statistics, Hobbies & Favorite Things, addresses, Family, and Education At this moment in this post.

Mohammad Nawaz wife Izdihaar personal info

Real Full Birth Name:Izdihaar
Famous for:Mohammad Nawaz wife
Date of Birth (DOB), Birthday:n/a
Sun Sign (Zodiac Sign):N/A
Current Residence:Pakistan

Mohammad Nawaz wife photo

Mohammad Nawaz wife

Mohammad Nawaz wife Izdihaar physical Statistics

Height Feet & Inches:5ft 4 inch
Height Centimeters:160cm
Height Meters:1.60m
Weight Kilograms:53
Bra Size:30B
Body Measurements (Breast-waist-hips):31-24-31
Shoe Size (BD)7
Tattoo details?:Will Update
Eye Color:black

 Mohammad Nawaz wife Family

Father Name:Not Known
Mother Name:Not Known
Father-in-law Name:Not Known
Mother-in-law Name:Not Known
Husband Name:Mohammad Nawaz
Husband work:Cricketer
Father Law work:N/A
Mother Law work:Not Known

Mohammad Nawaz wife Hobbies & Favorite Things

Favorite Celebrities Actor:Mohammad Nawaz
Actress:Mohammad Nawaz
Dream Holiday Destination:parish and Dubai
Favorite Color:black and white
Love to do:Traveling
Favorite Food:Not None
Favorite song:none
Favorite Movie:N/A

Mohammad Nawaz wife Address

Home Address:Pakistan
Office Address:Dubai
Official Website:Dubai
official phoneN/A
Mobile or Phone Number:N/A
Email Address:[email protected]
personal website:N/A
Facebook Id No:n/a
Instagram idn/a
Present AddressPakistan
Father HomePakistan
permanent AddressPakistan

Mohammad Nawaz wife Education

Highest Qualification:Pakistan school Karachi
School:Pakistan school Karachi
College/ University:USA
High school name:Pakistan school Karachi
school name :Pakistan school Karachi

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Mohammad Nawaz Language

Mohammad Nawaz is a language expert who has worked on several languages, including Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and Pashto. He has also written books on the subject of language learning. In this blog post, Mohammad Nawaz will provide detailed information about the Arabic language.

Arabic is a Semitic language that is spoken by more than 422 million people in over 20 countries. It is the official language of Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania , Oman , Palestine , Qatar , Saudi Arabia , Somalia , Sudan , Syria , Tunisia , United Arab Emirates and Yemen . There are two main varieties of Arabic: Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Classical Arabic (CA).

MSA is used in formal settings such as news broadcasts and speeches. It is also the variety taught to non-native speakers of Arabic. CA is used in religious texts such as the Quran and Hadith .

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In this blog post, the author discusses Mohammad Nawaz, a Pakistani cricketer. The author talks about how Mohammad Nawaz is married to his wife, Ayesha, and how the couple has two children together. The author also discusses how Mohammad Nawaz’s wife has been very supportive of her husband’s career and how she has always been by his side.


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