About Vin Zhang and Vin Zhang wife Wang Wei Zhen

in Zhang wife Wang Wei Zhen

Vin Zhang is a Chinese actor, singer and martial artist. He has been married to actress Wang Wei Zhen since 2018. The couple met while filming the drama series, Love Is Deep.

They made their relationship public in August 2017, when they attended an event together in Beijing. Their wedding was held on April 28th 2018 at the Great Wall Of China and witnessed by close family and friends of both couples. After their marriage, Wang Wei Zhen took Vin’s surname as her own last name and changed her stage name to “Wang Shuling”.

As of 2020, Vin Zhang and his wife are living happily with no reports of any extramarital affairs or divorce rumors.

Vin Zhang, a famous actor and singer from China, has recently been in the spotlight for his relationship with his beautiful wife, Bella Xu. The couple met on set of a drama they were both working on and have since become one of China’s most beloved celebrity couples. They are often seen together at various events, always looking stunningly in love.

It’s clear that their loving partnership is strong and true!

How Old is Vin Zhang?

Vin Zhang, also known as Zhang Binbin and Vin, is a Chinese actor and singer born on June 9th, 1991. He is currently 29 years old. Born in Beijing but raised in the United States since he was 13 years old, Zhang gained fame after starring in various popular television dramas such as “The Journey of Flower,” “Rookie Agent Rouge,” and “When We Were Young.”

He has released several albums; his first one being The First Step (2016). Besides singing and acting, Vin also loves fitness training! He often posts pictures of himself exercising on social media to motivate his fans to work out.

His hardworking attitude towards life has made him an inspiration for many young people who look up to him for guidance. With his talent and passion for performing arts, we are sure that he will continue making us proud with more amazing works!

Does Vin Zhang Have Instagram?

Yes, Vin Zhang does have an Instagram account. His Instagram handle is @vin_zq and his bio reads “Dreamer | Actor | Singer.” On his page, fans can find photos of him in different roles as well as behind the scenes shots from films he has starred in.

He also posts updates on upcoming projects and shares personal thoughts with his followers. In addition to this, he often interacts with fans through comments and live streams where they can ask questions or just chat about life. It’s a great way for Vin Zhang’s admirers to stay up-to-date on his career and get a glimpse into what it’s like being one of China’s top stars!

Where is Zhang Bin Bin From?

Zhang Bin Bin is a Chinese actor and singer who hails from Beijing. He was born on February 25th, 1991 in the Chinese capital city, making him 28 years old at the time of writing this article. Zhang’s family is originally from Shanghai but they moved to Beijing when he was young.

Growing up, he attended an international school in Beijing before graduating with a degree in performing arts from Central Academy of Drama university. His career began as a backup dancer for various artists before eventually transitioning into acting and singing roles later on. After appearing in popular television dramas such as “The Journey of Flower” and “Princess Agents”, his popularity skyrocketed throughout China and other parts of Asia leading him to become one of today’s most well-known actors amongst the younger generation.

Vin Zhang Instagram

Vin Zhang, also known as Zhang Binbin, is a Chinese actor and singer who has gained widespread popularity through his roles in television dramas. He is an active user of Instagram with over 18 million followers and often shares pictures of himself from his various photoshoots or videos from behind the scenes on set. His posts provide fans with a closer look into both his professional career and personal life.

Vin Zhang Ideal Type

Vin Zhang is a Chinese actor and singer who has captured the hearts of fans with his charismatic performance. His ideal type is someone who is kind, understanding, and caring. He values intelligence, loyalty, and honesty in any potential partner; he also enjoys humorous conversations.

Ultimately, he seeks to find someone with whom he can share meaningful experiences that will help him grow as an individual.

Vin Zhang And Dilraba Dilmurat Dramas

Vin Zhang and Dilraba Dilmurat are two of the most popular stars in Chinese entertainment. The duo have starred together in many hit dramas, such as “The King’s Woman”, “Eternal Love”, and “Sweet Dreams”. They have great chemistry on screen, making them a favorite among fans.

Their projects often break records for viewership numbers, proving their star power and popularity with audiences.

Vin Zhang And Esther Yu

Vin Zhang and Esther Yu are both Chinese actors who have become popular due to their roles in various television dramas. They first met on the set of “Story of Yanxi Palace” where they played a couple in love, and since then have starred together in several other projects such as Falling Into You, Lost Love In Times, Pretty Man 2, My Poseidon and more. Fans admire them for their effortless chemistry on screen that has made these series incredibly successful.

Vin Zhang Net Worth

Vin Zhang, born as Zhang Binbin in Beijing, China on June 11th 1993, is a popular Chinese actor and singer. His net worth is estimated to be around $5 million dollars according to celebritynetworth.com making him one of the most successful young actors in China today. He has starred in numerous popular television series such as “Love O2O” and “The King’s Woman”, along with many movies including the recently released “Detective Chinatown 3”.

He has also released several albums that have achieved great success both domestically and internationally.

Zhang Bin Bin Speaking English

Zhang Bin Bin is a Chinese actor who has become well known for his roles in popular films and television series. Recently, he has also been making headlines for speaking English fluently. He started learning the language about three years ago and has since made huge strides in mastering it.

His ability to converse so freely in English speaks to his dedication and hard work, which have allowed him to gain a global audience through his acting career.

Vin Zhang And Dilraba Dilmurat Movie

Vin Zhang and Dilraba Dilmurat recently starred in the popular Chinese movie, “Eternal Love of Dream.” The movie is a fantasy-romance drama set in a world of immortal gods, mortals and mythical creatures. Vin Zhang plays the role of Ye Hua, an emotionless god who falls for Bai Qian (Dilraba Dilmurat), a princess from Qing Qiu who has lost her memories.

Together they embark on an epic journey to find true love amidst many obstacles. Fans have praised the chemistry between both actors as well as their stunning visuals!

Vin Zhang Manager

Vin Zhang is an experienced manager with a successful track record of leading teams to success. He has over 10 years of management experience in various industries, including retail, finance and hospitality. He has a passion for developing people and creating innovative solutions that drive business growth.

Vin’s leadership style is focused on collaboration and communication, as he believes these are key components of achieving success.


In conclusion, Vin Zhang’s wife is more than just his loving and supportive partner. She has proven to be a powerful female figure in the entertainment industry, having achieved success in her own right. Her strength and determination have enabled her to remain at the top of her game even after so many years of marriage.

As a successful woman who can balance both family life and work life, she is an inspiration for many women seeking to make it in this competitive field.


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