About Huang Bo and Huang Bo’s wife Xu Yuling

Huang Bo wife
Huang Bo’s wife is Xu Yuling. She has been married to Huang Bo since 2013, and the couple have one son together. Before marrying Huang Bo, Xu Yuling worked for a public relations company in Beijing.

After their marriage, she left her job to become a full-time housewife. In addition to taking care of their son, she also helps him with his career as an actor by attending events on his behalf and managing his social media accounts. Moreover, she often accompanies him while he travels for work around China and abroad.

She is known for being very supportive of her husband’s career yet keeping it private by not joining the entertainment industry herself or revealing too much information about their personal lives online.

Huang Bo is married to actress Ma Yili, whom he met on the set of a movie in 2004. The couple have been happily married since 2009 and share two children together. Huang Bo has said that his wife is supportive and understanding, which helps him stay grounded in his acting career.

The couple often appear as a family unit at events such as movie premieres and award shows, showing their strong bond and mutual admiration for one another.

Is Huang Bo Married?

Huang Bo is one of the most popular actors in the Chinese film industry. Born on October 23, 1974, he made his debut with a minor role in the 1998 TV series “Sisters”. Ever since then, Huang has gone from strength to strength and established himself as a highly respected actor.

However, not much is known about his personal life. This leads many people to ask whether or not he’s married. Unfortunately, there isn’t any reliable information out there to confirm this claim one way or another but it appears that Huang is currently single and hasn’t been linked romantically with anyone for years now.

While this may come as a surprise to fans who have seen him star alongside beautiful actresses in movies and television shows over the last two decades, it could be that Huang prefers to keep his private life away from prying eyes. Of course, only time will tell if we ever get confirmation regarding his marital status!

Who is Chinese Actor Wang Bo?

Wang Bo is a Chinese actor who has been active in the industry since 2003. He is best known for his roles in films such as “The Curse of the Golden Flower” and “A Simple Life”. Born on April 28th, 1979, Wang Bo was raised in Beijing and graduated from the Central Academy of Drama.

He started his career with small roles before landing leading parts in several major motion pictures. His breakthrough performance came when he played Emperor Wu Zetian in 2006’s critically acclaimed epic “The Curse of the Golden Flower”. After that success, Wang Bo went on to star alongside Deanie Ip in 2011’s drama “A Simple Life”, which earned him an Asian Film Award nomination for Best Lead Actor.

In addition to acting, he has also done voice work for animated features like 2009’s “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: The Super Fierce Fight”. Today, Wang Bo continues to be one of China’s most prolific actors appearing regularly on both television and film projects.

Xiao Ou

Xiao Ou, also known as Little Big Soldier, is a 2010 Chinese-Hong Kong action comedy film starring Jackie Chan and Leehom Wang. The story follows an old soldier from the Warring States period who goes on an epic quest to collect a reward for capturing an enemy general. Along the way he encounters a young thief, who eventually helps him complete his mission.

This movie combines elements of martial arts action with humor and adventure in what critics have called one of Jackie Chan’s best films to date.


Overall, this blog post highlighted the impressive accomplishments of Huang Bo and his wife, especially within their respective fields. It also emphasized how they have been able to work together as a team while still maintaining successful individual careers. The story of their relationship is an inspiring one that serves as proof that hard work and dedication can result in great success.

Huang Bo’s wife clearly deserves recognition for her own achievements and should continue to be a source of inspiration for other women who want to achieve greatness in their lives too.


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