About Xu Kai and Xu Kai’s wife Li Yitong

Xu Kai wife
Xu Kai is a Chinese actor born in 1984. He is married to fellow actress, Li Yitong. The couple got married on April 15th, 2018.

They met while filming the television series “The Lost Tomb” in 2015 and have been together ever since. Li Yitong has appeared numerous times alongside Xu Kai in various projects such as Love Is All Around and When We Were Young 2. She also starred with him on The King’s Avatar (2020).

Xu Kai’s wife has gained an immense following for her roles in movies like I Belonged To You (2016) and The Imperial Doctress (2015). She was a contestant in “Idol Producer” in 2019 and won third place overall. Both Xu Kai and his wife are very well-known actors in China’s entertainment industry, having accumulated millions of fans over the course of their careers thus far.

Xu Kai is married to actress Qiao Xin, who he has known since childhood. The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony in October 2018 after having dated for five years. They have been together ever since, and Xu Kai often posts pictures of them together on his social media accounts.

Despite their busy work schedules, they make sure to spend time with each other and support each other’s projects whenever possible.

Is Xu Kai in a Relationship?

It has been speculated that Xu Kai is currently in a relationship, however, nothing has been confirmed. Reports of the actor being seen with an unknown woman have circulated online but neither he nor his agency have made any statements on the matter. It’s possible that Xu Kai may be dating someone as many other celebrities are known to keep their romantic relationships secret while they focus on their careers.

On the other hand, it could also just be rumors and speculation without any basis in reality. Either way, fans will surely be watching closely for more information about whether or not this popular Chinese actor is indeed taken!

Is Bai Lu in a Relationship?

At this time, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that Bai Lu is currently in a relationship. The Chinese actress and singer has kept her personal life private and has yet to share any details regarding her romantic relationships. However, she does have an active presence on social media and often posts about topics related to love and relationships.

She’s also been seen out with friends at various events throughout the years, suggesting she may be single but still enjoys spending time with people close to her. While fans continue speculating about who she might be dating or if she’s already found someone special, it seems like only Bai Lu knows for sure what the truth is when it comes to her current relationship status!

What is Xu Kai’S Real Name?

Xu Kai, also known as Xu Kaixuan, is a Chinese singer, actor and dancer who rose to fame after participating in the popular reality show “Produce Camp 2020”. He was born on April 7th, 1997 in Zhejiang province of China. His real name is Xu Kaixuan (徐凯旋), which means “victorious return” or “triumphant journey”.

Prior to joining Produce Camp 2020, he had been studying music at the Central Conservatory of Music since 2016 and has appeared in several musicals like Cinderella Story: A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes and The Prince of Tennis. After his appearance on the show he quickly gained popularity amongst fans for his charming personality and good looks. He made it all the way to Top 5 on Produce Camp 2020 before ultimately withdrawing from the competition due to an injury sustained during practice.

Since then he has graced numerous magazine covers including Vogue Korea’s May cover and become an endorser for various brands ranging from clothing to gaming consoles – further cementing himself as one of China’s most beloved idols!

How Tall is Xu Kai?

Xu Kai is a Chinese actor and singer who has been active in the entertainment industry since 2013. He stands at an impressive height of 187cm (6ft 1in). His tall stature helps him to command attention both on stage and off it, making him stand out in any crowd.

Xu Kai’s height also gives his fans something to admire, as he towers over most other celebrities in China. Despite his towering size, he still manages to maintain a slim figure which adds to his overall appeal. In addition, Xu Kai’s physicality has helped him land multiple roles requiring athletic or action-oriented performances.

This includes supporting roles for martial arts films such as “The Mermaid” and “Wolf Warrior 2”. With such a commanding presence and great acting talent, there is no doubt that Xu Kai will continue to be successful in the entertainment industry for years to come!

Cheng Xiao And Xu Kai Relationship in Real Life

Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao, both members of the popular South Korean-Chinese boy band, WJSN (Cosmic Girls), have been close friends since their debut in 2016. They are often seen interacting with each other on variety shows and during performances. Although there have been rumors that they may be involved romantically, this has not been confirmed by either of them.

However, it is clear that they share a strong bond as friends and colleagues, having gone through their entire careers together so far.


Overall, it is clear that Xu Kai and his wife have a strong bond and relationship. Their love for each other has been evident throughout their time together, from the first time they met to their current marriage. They continue to share laughs and make memories together every day.

It can be seen that their partnership truly goes beyond the physical realm; it transcends into the spiritual realm as well through mutual respect and appreciation for one another’s strengths, weaknesses, values, beliefs, personalities, dreams, goals and more. The couple is an inspiring example of what true love looks like in today’s world!


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